In the midst of losing a loved one.


Ashton Deroy writes: 😥 Krystall is passing away soon. I first met this cat when Matt brought her back from Alberta. I believe she went ape shit in the basement. However we spent time together, she was anti-social with cats, I had unnoticed PTSD so people didn’t know wtf was going on with me. She was a nice cat to spend time with while I was sorting shit out.

Matt Clarke writes: I took Krystal to the vet today and she has kidney failure at 14. She is around for the next few days if anyone wants to say goodbye


Who are the Liberty Brothers?

Matt Clarke.jpg

Matt Clarke

Matt Clarke, a sterling dwelling guy. A guy who likes beer, the occasional smoke, equality for all marginalized groups & the idea that the government needs to BACK OFF! In 2018 Matt Clarke made the ask for Ashton Deroy to leave his loyalties for the Liberal Party of Canada to join his family on the Libertarian side. Matt is the idea behind the execution. Ultimately Matt would like to go fishing without a license. Does not see why he should be forced to pay for commercial fish. 



Ashton Deroy.png

Ashton Deroy

Ashton Deroy, Enjoys his smoking reading literature & he attends Seneca college. Despite being told by multiple college professors & employers to clean up his social media. Ashton Deroy still continues to use digital communications for acts of defiance for his cause. When asked in June 2018 if he would leave his loyalties to the Liberal Party of Canada to support his family’s cause in the Libertarian Party of Canada Ashton Deroy proudly accepted the mission. 

Ashton Deroy thinks the government is alienating Canadian Culture in favor for American Culture and acting more like our parents than our government. Wants a return to older liberties, values of free speech and rights for individuals and private organizations. Ashton Deroy would one day like to be able to execute non-violent protests protected by free speech for the oppression of smoking tobacco, cannabis & vaping, workers rights & the diminishing presence of workers Unions in Canada.