In the midst of losing a loved one.


Ashton Deroy writes:¬†ūüė•¬†Krystall is passing away soon. I first met this cat when Matt brought her back from Alberta. I believe she went ape shit in the basement. However we spent time together, she was anti-social with cats, I had unnoticed PTSD so people didn’t know wtf was going on with me. She was a nice cat to spend time with while I was sorting shit out.

Matt Clarke writes: I took Krystal to the vet today and she has kidney failure at 14. She is around for the next few days if anyone wants to say goodbye


Lets get active. There is a government asleep and we need to wake them up!


Ashton Deroy Writes: It is time to wake up and smell the Tim Hortons. What is everything wrong with our country? Well we have an over dependence on our minimum wage system driving Canadians in central Ontario collectively broke, our tax code is a mess & our job security is non-existent. Wake up Canada! 

Here are 3 things in the news that are currently ticking me off! 

  1. “NDP¬†members¬†supported the bill while those on the Conservative benches voted against it”- As we inch towards & past too f****** late! We still have Conservatives wasting tax payer money blocking marijuana legalization.¬†¬†¬†
  2. “U.S. imports have steadily fallen since about 2005, but Canada’s share of those imports has reached 40%. OPEC’s share has fallen to 33%. Among countries, Saudi Arabia is now far behind Canada with a 9.4% share.

    Further, the U.S. — including the Trump Administration — has taken steps to build additional pipeline capacity to bring even more Canadian crude oil into the U.S.” We are screwing ourselves with the North American Oil Trade! Notice it when you go to the pumps….¬†¬†Disolve F****** NAFTA wtf is it doing for us anymore?¬†

  3. Maccleans re-published this chart indexing economic outputs from US to Canada. Who is really losing in this trade agreement? Canada's index of uncertainty.png

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Mission statement, End drug prohibitions & help people Self-Empower

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Ashton Deroy Writes:

“Never execute a website and brand communications hub in a day. Brilliance tends to hit you in waives.”

Hey, tax dodgers, pot smokers & enlightened Canadians.

I know you are as sick as I am of a government that wastes our money & our time at the expense of our individual Liberties. The mental health system is a joke, freedom of speech is all but dead & some idiots in Ontario think because we have a Conservative Premiere that the waste days are done. Tell me that after this moron privately funds poorly thought our tourism & business development projects for Ontario. Meanwhile, at the Federal level, someone needs to wake up Justin Trudeau on pushing marijuana legalization. “Hey, Jack*** the standards you were proposing only would have been acceptable three years ago.” I only censor because Google will take me out if I do not.¬†

Meanwhile, on the personal level, I am still dealing with the oppression of my individual Liberties at Seneca College. The Seneca Pride team has successfully censored me with repercussion for trying to share an employment contract with LGBTQ+ at-risk students. Yet this collective of well-meaning conformists thinks that they should be allowed to expand into office space. What are we using it for? If not to help increase the freedoms and propensities of our LGBTQ+ students.

Through all the oppression to my individual liberties. I found a light at the end of the so-called tunnel. I’ve been thinking… “What is the Liberty Brothers purpose?” I found it. “End drug prohibition & Help People Self-Empower.”

How do you help people self-empower? We have a system of band-aid solutions that the Canadian population has confused for life rafts. What happens if we teach people though? We show them that social assistance is not a means to an end for making a living, we show that basic income is not a human right but it is an infringement on my rights as a wage-earning Canadian & we remind people of our core purpose of government. To protect, create prosperity & sell quality Canadian labor/privately owned Canadian businesses.

Also, to go back to Matt’s ambition. What does happen when you teach a man to fish?¬†Leave a comment below about the new look of the blog.

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Who are the Liberty Brothers?

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Matt Clarke

Matt Clarke, a sterling dwelling guy. A guy who likes beer, the occasional smoke, equality for all marginalized groups & the idea that the government needs to BACK OFF! In 2018 Matt Clarke made the ask for Ashton Deroy to leave his loyalties for the Liberal Party of Canada to join his family on the Libertarian side. Matt is the idea behind the execution. Ultimately Matt would like to go fishing without a license. Does not see why he should be forced to pay for commercial fish. 



Ashton Deroy.png

Ashton Deroy

Ashton Deroy, Enjoys his smoking reading literature & he attends Seneca college. Despite being told by multiple college professors & employers to clean up his social media. Ashton Deroy still continues to use digital communications for acts of defiance for his cause. When asked in June 2018 if he would leave his loyalties to the Liberal Party of Canada to support his family’s cause in the Libertarian Party of Canada Ashton Deroy proudly accepted the mission.¬†

Ashton Deroy thinks the government is alienating Canadian Culture in favor for American Culture and acting more like our parents than our government. Wants a return to older liberties, values of free speech and rights for individuals and private organizations. Ashton Deroy would one day like to be able to execute non-violent protests protected by free speech for the oppression of smoking tobacco, cannabis & vaping, workers rights & the diminishing presence of workers Unions in Canada. 



Liberty Brothers.png

I will not let you quit on this movement because now is not a time for quitters. Now is a time for action. 

The individual’s right to survive has been changed in Canada. Imagine if you arrived to this country as an early settler and you were told,


Ashton Deroy’s Libertarian membership

  1. You can’t fish for your own food¬†
  2. You can’t operate a gun without obeying our high restrictions¬†
  3. You have to pay too much of what you make to a failing government 
  4. You are going to owe people money from the time you are a young adult making it impossible for you to ever participate fully in this economy. 

I won’t let you quit on this movement because it makes sense. Others telling you it does not is just them trying to get you to conform to how they see Canada. “It is like this, there is nothing we can do.¬†

If the early settlers arrived in Canada and they had all of this happening to them. They all would have died! Maybe it is this restriction without consent, unfair policing of drugs & giving government special rights that took this country and turned it to one where young people feel so oppressed. Yes, I used to preach the opposite message until I saw how much my community was hurting and then I adjusted my cause to a more open party that balanced my social views with my love of freedom.