Mission statement, End drug prohibitions & help people Self-Empower

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Ashton Deroy Writes:

“Never execute a website and brand communications hub in a day. Brilliance tends to hit you in waives.”

Hey, tax dodgers, pot smokers & enlightened Canadians.

I know you are as sick as I am of a government that wastes our money & our time at the expense of our individual Liberties. The mental health system is a joke, freedom of speech is all but dead & some idiots in Ontario think because we have a Conservative Premiere that the waste days are done. Tell me that after this moron privately funds poorly thought our tourism & business development projects for Ontario. Meanwhile, at the Federal level, someone needs to wake up Justin Trudeau on pushing marijuana legalization. “Hey, Jack*** the standards you were proposing only would have been acceptable three years ago.” I only censor because Google will take me out if I do not. 

Meanwhile, on the personal level, I am still dealing with the oppression of my individual Liberties at Seneca College. The Seneca Pride team has successfully censored me with repercussion for trying to share an employment contract with LGBTQ+ at-risk students. Yet this collective of well-meaning conformists thinks that they should be allowed to expand into office space. What are we using it for? If not to help increase the freedoms and propensities of our LGBTQ+ students.

Through all the oppression to my individual liberties. I found a light at the end of the so-called tunnel. I’ve been thinking… “What is the Liberty Brothers purpose?” I found it. “End drug prohibition & Help People Self-Empower.”

How do you help people self-empower? We have a system of band-aid solutions that the Canadian population has confused for life rafts. What happens if we teach people though? We show them that social assistance is not a means to an end for making a living, we show that basic income is not a human right but it is an infringement on my rights as a wage-earning Canadian & we remind people of our core purpose of government. To protect, create prosperity & sell quality Canadian labor/privately owned Canadian businesses.

Also, to go back to Matt’s ambition. What does happen when you teach a man to fish? Leave a comment below about the new look of the blog.

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