Lets get active. There is a government asleep and we need to wake them up!


Ashton Deroy Writes: It is time to wake up and smell the Tim Hortons. What is everything wrong with our country? Well we have an over dependence on our minimum wage system driving Canadians in central Ontario collectively broke, our tax code is a mess & our job security is non-existent. Wake up Canada! 

Here are 3 things in the news that are currently ticking me off! 

  1. “NDP members supported the bill while those on the Conservative benches voted against it”- As we inch towards & past too f****** late! We still have Conservatives wasting tax payer money blocking marijuana legalization.  https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/marijauna-bill-house-vote-1.4711131 
  2. “U.S. imports have steadily fallen since about 2005, but Canada’s share of those imports has reached 40%. OPEC’s share has fallen to 33%. Among countries, Saudi Arabia is now far behind Canada with a 9.4% share.

    Further, the U.S. — including the Trump Administration — has taken steps to build additional pipeline capacity to bring even more Canadian crude oil into the U.S.” We are screwing ourselves with the North American Oil Trade! Notice it when you go to the pumps…. https://www.forbes.com/sites/rrapier/2018/06/15/blame-oil-for-our-trade-deficit-with-canada/#48efed63f4ae Disolve F****** NAFTA wtf is it doing for us anymore? 

  3. Maccleans re-published this chart indexing economic outputs from US to Canada. Who is really losing in this trade agreement? Canada's index of uncertainty.png

If you have woken up and you want to help us deal with things. Contribute to our page & click the Fiverr Button below: 

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Check out our interview on Swan whispers ASMR: 

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