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I will not let you quit on this movement because now is not a time for quitters. Now is a time for action. 

The individual’s right to survive has been changed in Canada. Imagine if you arrived to this country as an early settler and you were told,


Ashton Deroy’s Libertarian membership

  1. You can’t fish for your own food 
  2. You can’t operate a gun without obeying our high restrictions 
  3. You have to pay too much of what you make to a failing government 
  4. You are going to owe people money from the time you are a young adult making it impossible for you to ever participate fully in this economy. 

I won’t let you quit on this movement because it makes sense. Others telling you it does not is just them trying to get you to conform to how they see Canada. “It is like this, there is nothing we can do. 

If the early settlers arrived in Canada and they had all of this happening to them. They all would have died! Maybe it is this restriction without consent, unfair policing of drugs & giving government special rights that took this country and turned it to one where young people feel so oppressed. Yes, I used to preach the opposite message until I saw how much my community was hurting and then I adjusted my cause to a more open party that balanced my social views with my love of freedom. 


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